11 crucial Diwali safety tips for children

Admin | 6 Nov 2015 | BeTheSafetyNet | No Comments

Diwali is the grandest and certainly the brightest festival in India. It is a day when the nation celebrates and enjoys the festivities with grandeur and excitement. However, it needs to be noted that it is also a season for weird fire injuries and accidents. Therefore, as responsible parents we need to ensure that we take all the necessary safety precautions during Diwali and keep our children away from danger.

Follow the below mentioned tips to ensure the safety of your kids:

1. Never let children light firecrackers in your absence.

2. Buy firecrackers only from government recognized stores to be sure about their quality.

3. Be a role-model for your children and avoid any display of dare-devilry.

4. Always make them wear tight cotton clothes and closed footwear while bursting crackers

5. For safety reasons keep a fire extinguisher, sand, water, and first aid kit handy

6. When lightning sparklers, ensure that you immediately dispose the burned ones in sand or water as they are still scalding hot and cause most number of accidents

7. Ensure that the kids don’t lean over the crackers while lightening them

8. Make them wear ear plugs to reduce the impact of the loud noise. It may sound elaborate but it certainly helps in the longer run

9. When lightning a rocket, pay special attention to ensure it heads towards the sky and not your neighbors window

10. Keep a check that the children are not experimenting and making their own firecrackers

11. Let them burst crackers only in an open ground and not on a crowded road

After following all of these instructions another important aspect is to ensure that the mess you have created is cleared. You don’t want others to pay for your fun. In case you are a responsible citizen, how​ about celebrating a pollution-free and environment-friendly Diwali?