5 tips to teach your kids about road safety

Admin | 2 May 2016 | BeTheSafetyNet | No Comments

We have all heard about Salman Khan's hit-and-run case and even the most die-hard Salman Khan fans can't deny that he was at fault for the accident. Then there is the popular case of Janhavi Gadkar, a high court lawyer who drove her Audi two to three kilometers on the wrong side under the influence of alcohol, eventually killing a taxi driver. In addition, the case of Alistair Pereira hasn't left our mind yet. Alistair's drunk-driving has killed seven people and injured fourteen. These events have made us question our safety on the roads of India. Now just for a moment think about your children crossing these roads. Even with our complex minds we sometimes find it difficult to gauge the speed, distance and direction of vehicles on the road. Do you think our children stand a chance?
Therefore, it is imperative to teach our children about road safety. Follow the below mentioned ideas to impart a few road safety tips to your children:

  1. Discuss the importance of road safety with them: It is essential that you don't preach and understand your child's opinion on road safety. Explain why being alert on the road is important so they understand the depth of the issue. Teach them the importance of looking at both sides of the road before crossing. Don't be harsh but explain the consequences of not taking road safety seriously. Tell them to stay clear of speeding vehicles and the possibility of vehicles appearing suddenly at turning points. Once, everything is well explained, show them how it's done.
  2. Encourage the children to learn and respect the traffic signals: Teach them about all the traffic signals as early as possible. The earlier you teach them the easier it will get for them. Since, children love games. Play games such as quizzes to instill traffic signal knowledge in them. Give them rewards to getting the right answer. You know the drill.
  3. Instill independence: Some things are better shown than taught. Accompany your child at a crossing and ask them when they think it is safe to walk. If they are wrong, explain to them in detail about what was wrong with their decision. Keep doing this sporadically till you think your child is ready to take on the road by himself.
  4. Eye-contact does wonders: Teach your child to make eye contact with the person driving the vehicles. This will ensure the drivers take notice of your child's presence. Inform your child that just because he or she has seen the driver doesn't mean that the driver saw them too.
  5. Walk facing the traffic: It is highly suggested to teach your children to walk in the opposite direction of the traffic. This way they can clearly see the vehicles coming in their direction.

You can make your own safety list and stick it on the refrigerator for your child to see regularly. Hope this list helps you in explaining the importance of road safety to your children. In case you own a bike, ensure you go one step further and insure your bike with Reliance Bike Insurance to be prepared for any unforeseen events on the road.