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Child Safety in India: No child's play this!

India has amongst the worst records for child safety across the developing world.

 - India accounts for 20% of the world's child mortality – amongst the highest in the world

 - India is the 6th most unsafe country for children

A number of factors contribute to this ignominious reputation.

With the country rapidly urbanising and developing, the percentage of both parents working has increased manifold. This results in children being home alone, or at a day-care facility, with minimum or no supervision. This exposes children to the risk of injury at home.

Many schools, too, don't provide for transportation of children to and from the school premises. This results in children being ferried in vehicles in an unsafe manner.

- 41% of child deaths are because of a lack of road transportation safety – the highest in the world

Why just travelling to school, with hardly anyone bothering to follow child-safety rules on the road, children are at risk even when travelling with their families.

With such a sorry state of affairs, taking up the cause of child safety is the urgent need of the hour. What is needed is education and awareness about possible injuries and how to avoid them. Slowly but surely, we can bring about a positive change!


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