Two wheeler safety tips for kids

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Here's an activity for you. Ask a bunch of kids if they would like to be a passenger on your Motorcycle. Every single kid agreed? (Ignore the nerds who didn't). Now ask them if they would like to travel slow or fast on your bike. Every kid voted for fast? Now just for a moment think about all the Motorbike safety concerns plaguing India due to the lack of road safety awareness. Do you still think kids should even sit on your bike on such dangerous roads?

Let's take Rohit's example to delve deeper into this topic. Rohit is a Chartered Accountant who has a six year old son Rahul. Rahul loves it when his father takes him on Bike rides, especially when he rides fast. Now think about this scenario from a safety perspective. Rohit often makes Rahul sit in front of him and rides at the speed of 100 km/hr. The kid is bound to interfere with Rohit's bike control. Strike one! At such high speeds what happens when Rohit has to brake suddenly? He can't hold Rahul's arm quickly and lose his bike control. Nor can he keep control of his bike and watch Rahul fly off the bike. Strike 2! Is little Rahul wearing a helmet to prevent a head injury? Highly unlikely. Strike 3! The example reflects how vulnerable kids are on the two wheels. Therefore, follow the below mentioned tips to keep your children safe and sound on your motorcycle:

  1. Avoid making your kid sit in front of you: Let's start with the basics. When your child sits in front of you he/she will not only interfere with your control over the bike but the child can also fall off the motorcycle easily. Hence, ask them to sit behind you and hold you tightly. That being said, don't let your child sit on the bike till his feet reach the footrest.
  2.  Helmets offer no protection if they don't fit: Firstly, make your child wear a helmet every time they sit on the motorcycle with you. Moreover, an oversized helmet just won't help. In the event of a crash the helmet would come off easily offering no protection. Hence, purchase a fitting helmet of your kid's size that fits snugly and offers full coverage. Small investments in bike safety gear for children go a long way in protecting them.
  3. Safety gear is crucial: Whatever bike safety gear a rider needs on a bike, the passengers need as well. Hence, make your children wear at least a heavy jeans and sturdy ankle shoes without laces. Laces have a probability to get stuck in the chain or tire and cause a catastrophe.
  4.  Impart safety skills repeatedly: It is important that before every ride you remind your kids about certain bicycle safety tips. Ask them to stay away from the exhaust pipe and always get on the bike from the left side. In addition, tell them to stay alert while they are on the bike. Your children will take time to implement these tips, hence stay patient and repeat them often.

Hoping these tips make your ride with your children much safer than earlier. Remember one thing; you are your kid's idol. If you take safety seriously, they will as well. Furthermore, you can go a step ahead in being a responsible biker and invest in decent bike insurance ​policy