5 reasons why Health Insurance is a must for every woman

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Let us get our facts right. Women need healthcare facilities much more in comparison to men. Nevertheless, are they covered by a Health Insurance policy which provides them quality medical care? As per a recent survey which was conducted, out of 1,009 women only 39% were covered by a Health Insurance policy. The figures are extremely low when you contemplate the health hazards that the Indian women face every day. Go through the list of reasons why Health Insurance is essential for every woman.
1. Longevity: The life expectancy rates for women are much higher than men. That’s good news for women. But that also means they have to bear the burden of hospital bills for a longer period. The life span of men is much shorter in comparison. And the probability of men dying in an accident is three times more in comparison to women. That means men have a greater chance of dying a sudden death. We can imply from this statistic that women have more chances of going through a natural death with all the medications and treatments possible. Without Health Insurance more than half of their pension would go into health care.
2. Maternity expenses: God has gifted women with the act of child-bearing. They have the magical power to produce life. However, considering the ever increasing, exorbitant rates of maternity expenses will give anyone sleepless nights. In addition, the chances of a cesarean delivery have also gone up exponentially. Cesarean deliveries are obviously more expensive. In such a scenario, a mediclaim policy comes to the rescue when you have to deal with exorbitant medical expenses.
3. Women specific diseases: Diseases and illnesses that only affect women are on the rise. Ovarian cancer, vaginal cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer and paralysis etc are hounding women all over the world. In such a scenario a Health Insurance policy safeguards women against the financial risk of these critical illnesses.
4. Discounts and special packages: There is an exhaustive list of women specific Health Insurance plans offered by all the Health Insurance companies. These plans offer special coverage for women along with enticing benefits and competitive discounts. You are bound to enjoy at least a 5% additional discount for every women-centric Health Insurance policy.
5. Work stress is ever increasing: In the recent times women share the burden of running the house along with men. If you consider the last two decades, more and more women are taking their careers seriously and rubbing shoulders with men at corporate offices. Because of this, even women are failing prey to stress which was predominantly affecting men in the early years. It seems work stress makes no discrimination and affects both genders equally. As a result of stress, health of a large number of women is getting worse.
Hope you found the list captivating enough and you are convinced as a women to take Health Insurance​ more seriously.