5 simple tips to stay healthy during the monsoon

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The scorching summers are over and you are elated to enjoy the first rains. The smell of the earth after the first rains makes you forget everything in the world. The world seems so beautiful and breathtaking. Well, that’s it. The fairytale gets over there. What happens after the first rain is that the roads become water-logged and full of puddles and muck. These puddles and muck serve as the breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies and leads to several diseases. Follow the below mentioned steps to stay healthy during the inclement weather:

1. Stay clear of outside food: Ensure you avoid consuming outside food. Street food such as Chats, Vada pav, Pakoras etc might seem extremely tempting to have during the monsoon but they might be full of bacteria which would get you a sick stomach. Avoid drinking outside water as well as it would lead to several water-borne diseases.
2. Bitter the better: Bitter vegetables such as bitter gourd and neem will help you in staying away from skin allergies and infections. Hence, introduce more bitter vegetables in your diet.
3. Stay away from clogged water: Clogged water contained bacteria and infections. Hence, stay away from it as much as possible. In case you don’t have a choice, wash the area which was in contact with the water profusely when you reach home.
4. Keep mosquitoes away: Stagnant water is the breeding place for mosquitoes. Therefore, keep your house clean and ensure there is no stagnant water in your house. Check through nooks and corners, flowerpots, etc. In addition, you can apply mosquito repellent creams to prevent mosquitoes from biting you.
5. Pay attention to personal hygiene: Germ build-up is very quick during the rains. Hence, ensure you wash your hands and feet well after reaching home. Keep a sanitizer handy to wash your hands before eating throughout.

Hope this list helps you in staying fit and healthy during the monsoon.

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