6 tips for instilling confidence and independence in your girl child

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Consider yourself lucky to be blessed with your little princess. Your little angel possesses a lot of magical powers such as melting you in the most stressful situations and making your life seem more meaningful. However, as famously mentioned by Spiderman's uncle "With great power comes great responsibility". Bringing up a baby girl is certainly no child's play. It is full of challenges and testing times. Especially in girls, the possibility of depression and self-esteem issues are quite high, all thanks to the hormonal changes that they go through. Hence, as parents it is our duty to raise them well and instill confidence and independence in our little princesses. Don't forget to buy a reliable mediclaim policy for family to insure your family and little girl in the time of medical crisis.

Therefore, let's shed some light on how to successfully raise a girl child:

  1. Prepare her for the future with the highest education possible: Be considerate towards her interests and enable her to take the highest education in that field. Enabling her to sharpen her skills will let her excel in that particular field which would eventually make her independent.
  2. Inculcate gender equality: Teach your child about the importance of gender equality and treat both your son and daughter equally. Once, you practice what you preach she will feel more confident about herself in this patriarchal society.
  3. Stay clear of over-pampering: We understand that she means the world to you. But you don't want to raise a confused, naïve and stubborn daughter. Don't cater to all her demands. Make her understand what is important and what is not. Don't forget pampering her occasionally though.
  4. Teach her how to overcome obstacles: Your daddy's girl will always turn to you to solve her troubles for her. But it is important how to teach her to fish, rather than providing her a fish every day. Teach her how obstacles get the best out of you and the feeling of accomplishment one enjoys after overcoming them.
  5. Pay attention to her diet:  Girls especially in their teenage get conscious about their diet and start crash-dieting and eating junk. Teach her the importance of a healthy diet and the effect it has on her body.
  6. Protect her health: Scientifically, women are more likely to fall sick. Hence, protect your little angel's health right from the beginning with a comprehensive health insurance policy.