3 roads which every biker must ride on this monsoon season

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Monsoons are here and they have made everything under the clouds their own. Most bike owners would park their most prized possession as soon as the first rains appear. However, the real biker would accept the wet roads as his own and plan a trip with his friends. Follow along to breeze through a list of roads which every biker should ride on to experience the real joy of riding:

1. Mumbai to Goa

December to February is the peak season in Goa. So, if you are planning a monsoon trip to Goa, you are smart and yet adventurous. Goa in the monsoon is cost-effective, sparsely populated and difficult as hell.

Highway to take: NH 17. The interstate highway is one of the best highways in the country. Take regular breaks to keep your mind fresh and to enjoy the authentic local cuisine to the fullest.

Time taken: 10 to 15 hours depending on your speed and the number of pit-stops you take. You will breeze past the wonderfully scenic beauties that Maharashtra has to offer.

Distance: Approx. 130 km

2. Chandigarh to Kasauli

Your bike breezing through the beautiful land of Himachal Pradesh is a feeling out of this world.

Make the most of the valleys and mountains in this snow-capped area and feel like you have reached heaven. It is an extremely short and pleasant trip but the ride is an experience unparalleled.

Highway to take: NH 17. You will have to ride through calm and inviting mountains which are full of snow. Hence, carry appropriate clothes with you.​

Time taken: 2-3 hours

Distance: 59 km

3. Manali to Leh

This is the big fish. The dream road of anyone who has ever driven on two wheels. Nothing is comparable to the experience of riding on this road. It is a thrilling as well as daunting experience. The road might throw a few difficulties for the bikers with the steep turns and dangerous setting it offers. But the entire experience is illuminating in many ways. Travelling through the snow-capped Himalayas on these roads is any biker’s definition of achieving nirvana.

Highway to take: Through the LEH highway. Please make a note that this trip is no child’s play. The road is only open from June to October and is famous for land-slides. Ensure your bike is in top condition before you even consider conquering this beast.

Time Required: 2-3 days

Distance: 479 km

These roads reflect the passion that every biker shares. Hence, traveling through these roads offer a once in a life experience to the riders.​

We know you love your bike, and therefor ensure you have a good two wheeler insurance policy. Happy riding!