5 Tips to stay safe from Car Hijacks in monsoons

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The monsoons are here and along with beautiful weather it brings along the risk of car hijacks. The probability of a Car theft is raised exponentially during the inclement weather as people keep their cars parked more often. Follow along the below mentioned tips to keep your car safe and secure during the downpour:

1. Lock everything possible: Do you lock your door every time you leave your car? Even if you do, do you ensure the all the windows are shut and the sun-roof is closed as well? Failing to do so will invite thugs to come and steal your car. Hence, spend some time and lock everything possible every single time.

2. Seize your keys: Locking your car comprehensively has no importance if you misplace your keys. Hence, ensure you keep your keys safely and don’t let thieves snatch it from you.

3. Don’t keep your valuables lying alone: Keeping your valuables like phones, wallet, tabs, jewellery lying alone is enticing burglars to come break open your car and take away everything. Therefore, avoid keeping anything in your car when you are away.

4. Technology is the answer: The latest cars come with built-in alarms systems that make a thief’s job difficult. If your car doesn’t have an alarm system, go ahead and buy one. It will give you peace of mind and your car safety. Another benefit of this is reduction in Car Insurance premiums.

5. Park your Car in a public place: It is easy to hijack your car from dark and secluded places. However, it would really require an effort to break it open in front of a crowded place. Make it difficult for the thugs to come anywhere close to your car.

Hope these tips help you in making your car hijack-free.​

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