5 measures to tackle and reduce corruption in India

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The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing

-Albert Einstein

Corruption has become the biggest threat to the country's development. It's caught hold on the soul of the country and we need major reforms to eradicate it. Right from someone who earns a lakh rupees a year to someone who earns more than crores, all of us have at some point of time employed corruption to bypass the law and make things easy and more comfortable for us.  Therefore, in order to reduce the corruption in this country it is important for the citizens of the country to change their mindset. Let's breeze through a few strategies to reduce the corruption in India:

  1. Increase the salaries of government employees: The reason why government employees are so keen on taking bribes is because of their meager salary. If they had better remuneration, there was no reason for them to take any bribe. In addition, a CCTV camera at all government offices will also be helpful.
  2. Raise awareness against corruption: NGOs and activists should educate the people against the evils of corruption. The same should be a part of school syllabus and the youth should be molded to act against corruption.
  3. People should respect the law: It is imperative for the development of a country that its citizens respect the law. Do you prefer buying a bike insurance policy or paying 100 rs bribe to a cop 10 times a year? The cost is almost the same.
  4. Promoting online transactions: Corruption generally involves cash which changes hands under the government's nose. Hence, if we reduce the use of cash and promote cashless transactions, we can reduce the instances of corruption.
  5. Stringent anti-corruption laws: In order to make major reforms against corruption, we need people to be scared of the punishments on offer. Anyone found guilty of being corrupt should be sent behind the bars with a strict sentence.

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