6 scenarios where Roadside assistance can prove to be a savior

Admin | 1 Oct 2015 | Motor-Insurance | No Comments

Imagine you are on a long drive with your loved one. You can feel the music lighten your mood and have not felt so relaxed in a while. And all of a sudden your precious car breaks down! Your dream date seems like a nightmare? You don't need to bother as long as you have a roadside assistance feature.

What the hell is roadside assistance? It is a breakdown coverage service for car owners where the service provider gets your car started and takes care of all breakdown hassles. It also comes with supplementary services such as towing assistance, organizing hotel accommodation, organizing a taxi and much more.  

Just like a dream date, there are a number of scenarios where a car breakdown can prove to be a pain in the neck. Let's shed some light on few of such scenarios.

  1. Important meeting or work: It absolutely sucks when your car breaks down when you are already running late to work or for an important meeting. There is no way you can labor your car to a garage or wait for the mechanic to fix it without being late. All this changes with roadside assistance, where your service provider will take care of all your hassles. Guess what? They will even arrange for a taxi for you so you can attend your meeting on time.
  2. Catch a Flight or Train: One thing is for certain. No flight or train is going to wait for you when you are running late due to a car breakdown. If you don't have roadside assistance you are surely going to miss your flight or train.
  3. Wives and Girlfriends(WaGs): If there is one thing you should avoid at all costs it is enraging your wife or girlfriend. Try it if you like living on the edge! What if your wife or girlfriend is waiting for you somewhere and your car breaks down? Would you risk the wrath of the WaGs? Or will you leave your Car on the road? Torn between your two sweethearts? Only if you had roadside assistance where your service provider can take care of your car and you can handle your other love.
  4. Movie or a match: What if you are on your way to a theatre and suddenly your car breaks down. You will have to fix your car and miss some part of the movie if not the entire movie. Same when you have planned to watch a match at your friend's house. Would you miss the match or abandon your car? Anywhere assist would have made things easier.
  5. Examination: What happens if your car breaks down when you are dropping your kids to their examination centre? Their examination is certainly more important than your car. But that doesn't mean you leave your car in the middle of the road and leave. Roadside assistance to the rescue again.
  6. Medical Emergencies: Medical emergencies are the mother of stressful situations. A car breakdown in such a scenario is the worst thing that can happen to you. Thankfully, there is something called roadside assistance that can ease some of the stress if not all.

Roadside assistance is the true superhero which pops up only when you need it the most. So if you are covered by such an amazing service just sit back and relax every time your car breaks down.  ​Buy Reliance car insurance and get free Anywhere Assist!