7 Different Cities One Reason To Celebrate

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​Reliance General Insurance is the reason for millions of smiles in seven cities in India. It is offering enticing and extra 10% discount on Car Insurance to people living in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad. Reliance General Insurance believes that people from these cities are special and they deserve a little extra pampering. Car Insurance expenses often burn a hole in your pocket. Additional discounts ensure that you reduce your premium amount and increase your coverage. The following are the reasons for Reliance General Insurance's biased inclination towards these seven cities:

  1. The Who's Who of India: Let's face it. The biggest personalities of India reside in these seven cities. These guys form the cream of important people in India. Obviously these influential people need that something extra to stay happy.
  2. These cities are culturally very rich: Culture involves music, food, language, architecture, literature, art etc. Each of these cities is rich in cultural heritage and needs a reason to celebrate its rich culture.
  3. The spirit of these cities: The spirit of these cities is what makes them so different. In many ways, these cities have a soul of their own which only a resident would know. Such amazing spirit needs to be rewarded.
  4. Ultra-modern and in vogue: These cities are always in vogue with the latest fashion trends. The people of these cities are hip and happening and always ahead in terms of fashion. A salute to the cool people in these cities.
  5. Plethora of cars: The roads in these cities are full of cars of every make and model imaginable. Considering the sheer number of cars in these cities, they deserve something extra.​

So, Mumbaikars, Banglorians, Amdavadis, Chennaites, Punekars, and Hyderabadis get used to feeling special by enjoying the additional discount on Reliance Car Insurance​​