Contribute towards a corruption free country by insuring your bike

Admin | 17 Oct 2015 | Motor-Insurance | No Comments

"Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country"

- John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961

We are all a bit discontent and dissatisfied with our government regardless of the kind of work they do. The recent bans on a number of things ranging from meat, movies, websites, documentaries etc have certainly not gone unnoticed. In addition, the dismal road conditions, the maddening traffic, deplorable drainage systems, soaring inflation rates are causing uproar amongst the citizens of India. However, what we seem to ignore is the fact that the citizens of our country do absolutely nothing to improve the country's situation. Let's take corruption for example. Corruption has become an unspoken mandate in getting your job done. Isn't it the people of the country who encourage corruption to bypass the law?

If we consider the number of two-wheelers in the country, almost every household owns one at least in the metros. However, how many of them follow the law and purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy? Hardly anyone. People prefer paying a small bribe to the traffic cops rather than spending approximately 900 rupees a year. If we wish to become a corruption-free country, it is imperative that we pay some respect to the law and stop encouraging corruption. Buying insurance safeguards you against the risk of a financial tragedy in case of an accident. Nevertheless, the masses prefer 'risking it' and roam around without any insurance or even a valid license or papers. In order to be responsible citizens of the country we need to follow the law and all the rules and regulations set by the country. As John F. Kennedy said in his speech, we need to think about all the things we can do for country as opposed to the things our country can do for us.

 Buy and renew your two wheeler insurance today to be a good citizen!