Going for a bike trek during monsoon 5 things to make it a safe journey

Admin | 11 Aug 2015 | Motor-Insurance | No Comments

There is nothing more exciting than going on a bike trek in the rains. The feeling of traveling on two wheels with fellow enthusiasts in the downpour is unparalleled. Nonetheless, the risk of accidents soars exponentially during the rains, especially when you are traveling with a gang. Therefore, there are a few safety tips to consider while going on a bike trek in the inclement weather. Follow the below mentioned tips to ensure you have a safe and secure journey on your bike:

1. Safety gear is crucial: It isn’t rocket science. You are going to get wet. If you stay wet for some time you are going to get cold and eventually fall sick. You shouldn’t really be riding when you are sick and having a tough time concentrating on the road. Therefore, staying dry and warm is a no-brainer. Basic equipment to counter the rains is

* A high quality water-proof suit.

* Water-proof, Ankle-length riding boots

* Gloves and glares

* A face protected helmet

When you have the right gear, riding is no longer uncomfortable or troublesome. It then becomes extremely convenient and you can ride your passion freely.

2. Stay clear of anything that shines: Didn’t get it? Let me explain. For examples things such as metal gutter covers, train tracks, bridges etc are extremely slippery during the inclement weather. In addition, in a country like India, there are a lot of puddles which get filled with rain water. Due to oil buildup the road is full of rainbow patches. The rainbow patches are an indication of oil on the road. Keep an eye on the rainbow patches and ride slowly on them.

3. Try going slow: This one is a no-brainer. I am sure many of you have been involved in an accident because of moving too fast in the rains. Hence, try going slower in the downpour. Your control on the brakes reduces quite a bit on a wet road. Therefore it is crucial to brake early as well.

4. Test Traction: Traction is a biker’s biggest enemy while riding in the wet weather. However, against popular belief, a drenched road offers sufficient traction to ride. If traction bothers you, better test it. When you are moving at a decent speed on a straight road, gauge the traction you have by locking up your rear wheel. Ensure that you are not skidding a lot.

5. Take it easy: Ensure you take a break after every few hours. Fatigue and overexertion contributes to a lot of road accidents. Hence, taking breaks will enable you to stay fresh and keep your mind on the road.

Hope following these tips helps you in making your trip a lot more safe and secure. Buy two wheeler insurance​ to be financially secure.