3 enticing travel destinations for the elderly

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​We are all awestruck and amazed at Amitabh Bachhan's incessant and charismatic energy. It is beyond anyone's imagination how he manages to carry out those impressive dance moves at the feeble age of seventy three. He has been a total eye-opener for everyone who thought that life gets boring and dull after the age of fifty. Taking inspiration from the Big B of Bollywood many young-hearted senior citizens have taken up traveling to enjoy their life and make merry. However, deciding a vacation spot is the Archilles heel for all senior citizens. Check out the following list of travel destinations which are perfect for the high-spirited elderly:

  1. Delve into the history that Italy offers: The classic Italian holiday is a dream for everyone and it is the most mesmerizing holiday destination in the world. If culture even remotely intrigues you, then Italy has a lot to offer with its ancient towns, fascinating artwork, and dazzling natural beauty. The Italians boast of their great heritage, Colosseum , and the Leaning Tower of Pizza. You can even plan your second honeymoon in the graceful, elegant, and romantic city of Venice. Another enticing feature about Italy is its cuisine. The land of Pizzas and Pastas is full of culinary delights. Hence, Italy offers one of the best places to travel for senior citizens.
  2. Immerse yourself into the cultural heritage at London: London is one of the best travel destinations for the elderly travelers. The UK is full of historic sites, theatres, and cultural attractions. Explore at the famous British Museum and get lost while finding England's greatest hidden treasures. You can always enjoy the British Library and Hyde Park-a park which is a part of British History. The Big Ben or the famous London Underground Tube can also enthrall your senses.
  3. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas: This one is not for the faint-hearted. In case you haven't been to Vegas yet, you have no idea what you are missing.  Everyone should visit Vegas at least once in their lifetime regardless of their age. Las Vegas is famous for its 24-hour casinos and the night shows that feature the Who's who of Hollywood. Against popular belief, Las Vegas has a lot to offer other than gambling. You can go shopping, watch jaw-dropping shows, and visit spectacular art galleries and museums. This beauty is so light-up at night that it would bring shame to the stars. If you enjoy gambling and night life, this is heaven on earth. Things get even better if you are on a vacation with only your friends. The famous Caesars Palace is renowned for having a gregarious staff which takes great strides at keeping the elderly happy.

Keep in mind a popular Australian saying "You never never know, if you never never go!" Hope this list has struck the right chords and got you all excited about planning your next trip. Wherever you go, ensure you cover your holiday with Reliance Senior Citizen Travel Insurance.​