4 destinations in Asia to throw a crazy bachelor party

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We have all watched the Hangover series and dreamed about having a wild bachelor party with our friends before we tie the knot and become responsible and mature for the well-being of our spouse and family. Therefore, it is important to party hard and enjoy our self before walking down the aisle.  As Kurt Cobain famously said "It is better to burn out than fade away". Therefore, plan a kick-ass bachelor party for your friend and ensure he is forever indebted to you.  The following are a few amazing destinations in Asia where you can have the craziest night of your life:

  1. Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam: It is the best bachelor party venue in the world if you are looking for cheap alcohol and a happening party atmosphere. The streets are lit with neon-colored lights which gives you a dazzling and out of the world experience.
  2. Tokyo-Japan: Out of the all the bachelor party destinations, Tokyo is the place to be if you are a karaoke fan. It is a major hub for karaoke fans and is replete of legendary and top-notch Karaoke bars. You can at least tell your family that you are travelling for this reason.  Go crazy with indulging in anything that pleases your mind as nothing is indecent in the night-life of Tokyo.
  3. Seminyak- Bali: If you can afford a few extra bucks and really want to pamper the groom then Seminyak is the best bachelor party destination for you. Everything here is exquisite but be prepared to get more than your money's worth. Full of the most chic bars and nightclubs you need to ensure that the groom doesn't marry a stranger like what happens in the movie 'Hangover'
  4. Bangkok-Thailand: The mother of nightlife destinations in Asia. Bangkok is not for the faint-hearted. The city is famous for being more mischievous than the lot. Over a dozen movies have been made on how people go crazy in Bangkok and have the most surreal and crazy night of their lives. Just the name of Bangkok is enough to get people excited for a bachelor party.

Hope this article gives you enough bachelor party ideas to get in the party mood and make the groom as happy as possible. After all, the poor man needs some freedom before getting married. In addition, ensure you cover your holiday experience with an Asia Travel Insurance​