5 scenarios where Travel insurance can come to your rescue

Admin | 7 Oct 2015 | Travel-Insurance | No Comments
​​Fire-extinguishers, Burglar alarms, Helmets, and First-aid boxes are all a waste of space and money if life went exactly as planned. Unfortunately, life is full of unforeseen and unexpected events and we need to prepare ourselves for the worst case scenarios. Same is the case with Travel Insurance. Usually considered a futile investment, the worth of a Travel Insurance policy can only be told by an uninsured person who has gone through a torrid time on his vacation. Let's shed light on a few such scenarios where Travel insurance can be a savior:
  1. Dude, Where's my cure?: You are travelling in Paris and are taken aback by the beauty and romance that the city has to offer. Halfway through your trip you realize that you have lost your bag which has all your medicines inside it and as a diabetic you really need your insulin. Wish there was someone to help you in locating your bag or get the emergency medicines immediately, in a country which speaks a different language? 
  2. Accidental mishap: You are involved in an accident in New York and are admitted to a hospital immediately. The cost of a minor surgery in America can be approximately your salary for 2 years. Wish there was someone who would take this financial burden?
  3. In sickness and health: Your wife falls extremely sick just a day before your vacation. Wish there was someone who would help you in rescheduling your trip by retaining your non-refundable deposits?
  4. Get me outta here!: While enjoying your trip in Manila, an earthquake strikes the city. Wish there was someone who would aid you in evacuating the state and getting back to the country? Travel insurance can do that while you get reimbursed for the lost vacation money.
  5. Pick-pockets galore:  You are in busy strolling in the streets of Milan and suddenly realize that someone has stolen your wallet along with your passport. Wish there was some you would help you in getting emergency money and finding or replacing your passport?

    Just like it is better to wear a helmet before you get involved in an accident, it is prudent to buy a travel insurance policy before disaster strikes you.​