Do you need travel insurance for a family vacation

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Consider you are enjoying an overseas vacation with your family. After a hectic few months at the office you look forward to the serenity and tranquility of your sun-soaked beach holiday. There is a simple equation with vacations. A good holiday leads to happy wife and kids, which eventually gives you peace of mind and the chance to unwind before the stress that’s silently awaiting you in office strikes back. In such a scenario, what happens when you are harrowed by an unforeseen or unanticipated circumstance such as theft of your passport in an unknown country? Wouldn’t it be nice, if, just for once, someone else takes responsibility of sorting things out, so you chill and enjoy your vacation? Well, a travel insurance policy is the answer to your prayers. To understand the depth of this issue, let’s list down the things that can possibly go wrong on a vacation which a travel insurance policy covers.​

1. You lose your luggage: What happens when you lose your bag during a vacation and it has your medicines and passport? If you had a travel insurance policy your insurer would have taken the responsibility of getting you temporary medication and start your passport retrieval process.

2. A thief breaks into your house back home: When the cats away the mice will play. While you are enjoying your vacation. It is highly likely that a thief robs your valuable belongings from your house. A travel insurance policy covers such a loss as well.

3. You fall sick or meet an accident: Hospitalization expenses in countries like USA can be twice your annual salary. You really don’t want any of your family members to fall sick or meet with an accident in a foreign country. Hence, it is important that you have a travel insurance policy.

4. You miss your flight or your trip is cancelled: It is possible that just before embarking on your vacation one of the family member falls sick as a result you have to cancel your entire trip. Travel insurance to the rescue.

Hence, it’s clear that spending a meager amount of money as an Insurance premium is any day better than tackling these issues on a vacation when you are busy making merry and having fun.

For a hassel-free trip with your family, buy a reliable Travel insurance and forget all your worries.