Going on an impromptu vacation

Admin | 17 Oct 2015 | Travel-Insurance | No Comments

Planning a vacation is certainly a prudent thing to do. However, it is extremely low on the fun quotient. Planning a holiday somewhat reminds me of Sonali Kulkarni's boyfriend in 'Dil Chahta Hain' . You can plan everything to perfection and expect to enjoy your vacation. It's just following a strict 'time-table then.  Hence, have breath of fresh air and travel spontaneously. The act of taking a risk will result in the most exhilarating and adventurous experience of your life. Nevertheless, there are a few things you need to carry even when you are simply hitting the road impulsively. Let's list them down so you are not into any trouble during your impulse travels:

  1. Identification documents: You can't even imagine travelling anywhere without your personal identification documents. i.e. Passport, Pan Card, Driving license. There are two reasons that make it imperative to carry these documents everywhere. Firstly, no hotel is going to offer you accommodation without a photocopy of your identification documents. Secondly, in case you get in trouble your identity needs to be proved through some government verified document.
  2. Travel Insurance: Now, that we have mentioned trouble it is important that we prepare our self against unforeseen and unexpected events such theft, natural calamities, illness or an accident. A travel insurance policy will transfer all these worries to the insurance company while you can have fun when they figure a way out for you.
  3. Baggage and Gear: While it is a known fact that we need to travel light. Knowing which kind of bags to carry is also helpful. If possible carry sling bags as they are easy to carry and check-in. If you don't have the right bag, borrow one from friends or relatives as buying a bag just for a trip doesn't mean sense.
  4. Technology: Don't forget to carry your Ipods, Phones, cameras etc. Install travel specific apps to help you figure stuff out in your journey. Apps like Expedia and Musafir can help.

Hope this list helps you in enjoying your impromptu vacation even more. So, next time you feel like taking a spontaneous vacation make sure you read it through and purchase good travel insurance.