Is travel insurance needed for my honeymoon

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​After going through the rush and nervousness of the biggest day of your life, you deserve a bit of relaxation and leisure to unwind. However, while we plan our weddings meticulously, very few of us plan our honeymoon to perfection. If only there was a way by which someone else would take responsibility of your honeymoon. Take care of all the issues, while you can chill and relax with your spouse. You know what? There is a way. Travel Insurance solves all your issues and enables you to enjoy a stress-free vacation where you are prepared for the worst. Let's gallop through a list of reasons why travel insurance is essential for a honeymoon:

  1. Accidents and illness can strike anywhere and anytime: You try a whole lot of new things on your honeymoon. Cuisine, local traditions, adventure activities etc. What did you think? Though these things are a lot of fun they might lead to a catastrophe. Food poisoning is quite common on overseas trips and so are sunburns and accidents. Considering the exorbitant medical expenses in countries like USA, a simple surgery can cost you an entire year's salary or even more. A Travel Insurance policy could have taken care of such hassles.
  2.  Nature is as unpredictable as ever: Unfortunately, tourist destinations are more prone to natural calamities like cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes etc. The recent incident in Nepal is a burning example of natural calamities at tourist locations. In such a situation, there is a major chaos and you need someone to evacuate you and get you home soon. Fortunately, Travel Insurance covers evacuations as well.
  3. You carry your best possessions on your honeymoon: Your honeymoon is a one-time thing.(We hope not! But generally they are) Hence, you carry your best clothes, accessories, phones, camera etc to make your vacation a memorable one. However, all these things attract a lot of attention and have a high probability of getting stolen. What would you do when your bag full of your belongings including your passport is stolen? A Travel Insurance policy can help you in getting a temporary passport as well as take the responsibility of finding your stuff. If they don't, you get reimbursed.


There is no such thing as a Wedding Insurance so there are no way you can disaster-proof your wedding. However, you can certainly disaster-proof your honeymoon by purchasing Travel Insurance.​