Saving money by travelling smart

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Let's get something straight. We all love travelling and exploring new places. But none of us enjoy paying the exorbitant bills of our exquisite vacations. Wish there was a way by which you can save money while continue to enjoy our luxurious vacation? If the answer is yes, then simply follow the below mentioned list:

  1. Start with a strict budget: This one is a no-brainer. Ensuring you begin on a stringent budget ensure you don't overspend anywhere. However, keep your expectations as realistic as you can.  Once a budget is made, make a daily spend list that helps you prioritize your spending. This will ensure you save money on your vacation.
  2. Be adjusting: If you are rigid, you are bound to spend more. The budget is dependent on how flexible you are with the location, hotel, flights etc. So instead of having a specific plan like wanting to travel to Bali, have a generic one such as enjoying a vacation at sun-soaked beach destination. Keeping your options open gives you an opportunity to cut the cost.
  3. Plan a holiday in the off-season: This is the best trick to reduce your vacation cost. During the peak season the prices are skyrocketing and exaggerated. If you plan an off-season vacation you would get the same deal for half the rate. In addition, you can avoid the crowd and enjoy a peaceful vacation. Travelling on a budget has its own benefits.
  4. Get a travel insurance policy: I haven't lost my mind. Just hear me out first. Travel Insurance doesn't cost more than 500-1000 bucks depending on the destination. However, it strikes out the risk of any financial tragedy on your vacation. Imagine what happens if you fall sick or meet with an accident in an unknown country? The cost of hospitalization there would be more than your annual salary. A Reliance Travel insurance policy​ would take care of all these unexpected payments during your budget travels.

Next time you plan your vacation, ensure you save a lot of money by following these tips. In addition, it is prudent to Cheers!