What Is A Schengen Visa and How To Apply For it

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Wondering what Schengen means? It is basically an agreement signed between 26 European countries that have collaborated to form a borderless area called the Schengen Area.The countries include major European tourist destinations such as France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, and many more. These countries have removed any internal border controls and are together called as the Schengen countries. 

The Schengen countries have a common visa policy and they function as a single country​​​ for all international travel purposes.

The following are a few pre-requisites for applying for a Schengen Visa that informs you about the things you need to keep handy before applying:

- You should have a valid passport of your country which has at least six months remaining along with two passport size photos for your Schengen Visa application.

- A Schengen Travel Insurance Policy is mandatory for your application. This insurance policy should cover you for any unforeseen or unpredicted circumstances in the Schengen countries. The policy should have a minimum coverage of €30,000. The insurance documents are a must when you apply for your visa.

- You should be sure of the countries you wish to visit because those countries will grant you a Schengen Visa. Hence, identify the countries and the order in which you would visit them.

- A few countries can even ask you to prove that you have enough money for your vacation.

- It goes without saying that your Visa might be rejected if the country considers you a threat to them or if you fail to give a good reason for your visit.

​Applying for your Schengen Visa:​

The application process is extremely easy if you have all the requisite documentation in place. A majority of the consulates even have an online portal where you can apply for a visa hassle-free. You can make the payment of €35 as the application fee. It is also possible that you are asked for supporting documents along with the ones attached. You can download the application form from the following link:


You can do the same thing offline if you don't feel comfortable transacting online. However, please be informed that no matter how you apply, your application would be processed in approximately 3-10 working days so you can plan your vacation accordingly.

Hoping you are prepared to travel the Schengen countries without any hiccups or unforeseen events.​