Of world wrought by women

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​It's Women's day. It is that day of the year which brings along a host of activities and events across the globe centered around women. The day is celebrated to honor and applaud the triumph of womanhood in our contemporary society. Throughout the annals of history, we have had extraordinary women that have led from the front and have set unprecedented ideals for generations to come. 

It is said that those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. In this very spirit, this women's day, let's remember a few remarkable women that changed the course of history forever and reckon what the future has in store for the modern woman. You have to know the past to appreciate the future. To appreciate the future and evoke a sense of gratitude for those who swam against the tide, let's take note of the woman who earned the privilege of being the first female empress in modern history. Sultana Razia was the first and only woman to occupy the coveted throne of Delhi, way back in the 13th century. Going ahead, Florence Nightingale was a great social reformer who sowed the seeds of modern nursing. Next, we have the likes Laxmibai, queen of Jhansi and Savitribai Phule, a well-known social reformer belonging to the same era. Laxmibai played a critical role in the 1857 rebellion and participated in the battle, despite being a woman, galvanizing the masses through her valor. Savitribai Phule opened the gates for women education at a time when women were marginalized socially by the male dominated conservatives.

Madam Curie, an eminent scientist, who along with her husband conducted groundbreaking research in the field of radioactivity. We must also remember Hellen Keller who was the first deaf-blind to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her resolve and grit in the face of adversity continue to inspire men and women alike. We mustn't forget to acknowledge Mother Teresa, who was popular throughout the world for her charitable work. She was honored with a Nobel peace prize in 1979. Next up is Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister of the UK popularly referred as the 'Iron Lady'. During her tenure, when the political fabric was hegemonized by men, she showed immense courage and will that had huge global political repercussions.

So these were a few women amongst many that created and shaped history. Their legacy continues today across several spheres of society. We have the likes of Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, Marissa Mayer and Indira Nooyi, the CEOs of Yahoo and Pepsi co. respectively. They continue to carry the mantle passed on to them. In today's 'globalized world' it is imminent that 21st-century woman is empowered and independent. For this journey, security is quite crucial. In such a quest, filled with challenges, it is advisable for each woman to safeguard herself from the unforeseen hindrances in life by availing an insurance policy with Reliance.

On an ending note, a heartfelt salute to the women who have made this world a better place to live, and wish you all a happy women's day.