Practice Your Mind Body Wellness

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•   Try and get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night.  Does that seem impossible? Try to fill in nights you can't get the recommended sleep dose by taking naps- pencil them into your schedule to make sure there's time!
•   Eat regular, well-balanced meals (yes, your mom was right- you should eat lots of fruits and veggies).  Breakfast is especially important, so leave time to grab a bite before your morning class. For more information about Nutrition Services, visit
Take a BREAK!!!
•   Take time to laugh, snooze, take a walk, etc., especially during the times of year you feel like you have the least time to spare- your body and mind will thank you for it!
Listen to your body.
•   Love and respect it, and it will be good to you, as well.  Learning to say "no" to the outside world and listen to yourself is often challenging, but can help you balance life's demands.
Don't Be Afraid to Disconnect. 
•   Step away form your phone, computer and anything else electronic for 15 minutes each day.  Don't worry- it will all be there when you reconnect.
Consume Responsibly.
•   If you choose to drink alcohol, set limits for yourself and stick to them.  For more information on reducing your risk while drinking, click here.