5 safety tips for women

Admin | 30 May 2016 | Health-Insurance | No Comments

The 'Nirbhaya' case has frightened the life out of everyone in India. It has epitomized brutality and shaken the souls of hundreds of people throughout the world. It has made people contemplate their beliefs and the safety concerns that are plaguing Indian women.  Ask a group of women about how many of them have ever been harassed, stalked, manhandled, or molested. The numbers would send shivers down your spine. Is this the kind of society where we want our mothers, wives, and sisters to live? The most we can do right now is spread awareness amongst the women of our country and prepare them against any mistreatment. So ladies, please read through the following tips to be as safe and alert as possible:

  1. Don't ignore misbehavior: Staying quiet or ignoring encourages people to continue with their actions. It is important to nip the problem in the bud to prevent things to go out of hand. If anyone dares to misbehave with you, reply to them in a stern voice. Body language gives away a lot of signs. Stay confident and scare them away by taking pictures. If the problem persists, raise your voice and gather a crowd. No matter what happens don't tolerate misconduct.
  2. The best defense is self-defense: Taking self-defense courses is unavoidable. If you don't have the patience or motivation to take a long martial arts course, join a course especially designed for women safety. These courses skip the complicated bits and focus on quick and effective moves to help women fend off their molesters.
  3. Keep pepper-spray or stun-gun handy: Even after taking a self-defense class it is advisable to carry a pepper-spray or stun-gun in your bag. They are extremely easy to use and cause good amount of damage.
  4. Technology to the rescue: There is a plethora of safety apps for women on the market. E.g. VithU, Scream Alarm, Bsafe etc. These apps send your current location to your family members and friends and intimate them that you are in danger.  These apps can be a life saver whenever you are in trouble.
  5. Employ your sixth sense: Women have the gift of intuition. The problem is that they don't take it seriously. Listen to your 'gut feeling' when you think that something is odd and doesn't feel safe. More often than not you would avoid a dangerous situation.

Hope these tips keep you warned and prepared against the predators on the road. In addition, ensure you take care of your health with Reliance Health Insurance​ policy.